Richard Powell

Richar Powell was born in Philadelphia in 1908. After graduating from Princeton University in 1930, he decided that the way to be a writer was to get a job on a newspaper. He went to work for the Philadelphia Evening Ledger where he stayed for ten years. In 1940, he left the newspaper to join the public relations department of N. W. Ayer & Son, an advertising agency. After World War II he went back to the agency, and in 1952 he became vice-president in charge of Information Services. He held that post until 1958 when he resigned to devote full time to writing. Mr. Powell is the author of ten mysteries an many novels, including The Philadelphian, Pioneer, Go Home!, The Soldier, and I Take This Land. He and his wife live in Fort Myers, Florida, in the winter, and Brant Beach, New Jersey, in the summer.

(Text taken from the 1966 Bantam edition of Daily and Sunday)

DateTitleSwedish Title
1943Don’t Catch MeLåt stolen vara damen
1944All Over But the ShootingEtt ord för mycket
1945Lay that Pistol DownBort med puffran kvinna
1946Shoot if You MustTvå slår en tredje
1947And Hope to DieRo ro till fiskeskär
1949Shark River / On the HookHajstranden
1950Shell GameDöden kom som ett skott
1951The Build-Up Boys (written as Jeremy Kirk)Döden kom som ett skott
1952Leave Murder to Me / A Shot in the DarkSkottet i mörkret
1953Say it With BulletsMord på vägen
1955False Colors / Masterpiece in MurderFalska färger
jan 1957The Philadelphian / The City JungleArvtagaren
jan 1959Pioneer, Go Home / Follow that DreamPionjärerna
nov 1960The SoldierLyda order
jan 1963I Take this LandLandet vi vann
1964Daily and SundayDen stora draken
sep 1966Don Quixote, U.S.A.Don Quixote USA
1968Tickets to the DevilSpel med hårda bud
1970Whom the Gods Would Destroy


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