Little Annie Fanny

By Harvey Kurtzman and Will Elder.

  1. There are four collections published so far. The first was published in 1966 (128 pages, 27x36 cm, both as paperback and hardback with dust jacket).
  2. The second was published in 1972 (160 pages, 21x28 cm, paperback).
  3. The third was published in 2000 (224 pages, 22x28 cm, paperback, $24.95 from Dark Horse Comics) and contains the first 45 episodes plus one rejected episode and is annotated.
  4. The fourth collection was published in 2001 (240 pages, 22x28 cm, paperback, $24.95 from Dark Horse Comics) and contains the remaining 61 episodes plus ”Little Annie Fanny’s Workout Show” from December 1983. Coll.Contributors
11962Oct6Madison Avenue1, 3
21962Nov4Playing Doctor1, 3
31962Dec4Christmas Office Party3
41963Jan6Sugardaddy Bigbucks3
51963Mar4Films, Italian Style1, 3
61963Apr3The Unhappy Comic1, 3
71963May2Kennedy Jokes3
81963Jul2Fifty Mile Hike1, 3Russ Heath
91963Sep4The Artist1-3Russ Heath
101963Nov4The Talent Contest1-3Russ Heath
111963Dec7Yuletide One-Upmanship1-3Russ Heath
121964Jan6The Set Jets to South America1, 3Russ Heath & Arnold Roth
131964Apr5Annie Joins the Peace Corps1, 3Russ Heath
141964Jul5Alone on a Desert Isle1, 3Russ Heath & Paul Cocker jr.
151964Sep5Lost at Sea1, 3Russ Heath & Al Jaffee
161964Oct3Gun Fun1, 3Jack Davis
171964Dec5Astronaut Annie1, 3Russ Heath
181965Jan6From Annie With Love1, 3Jack Davis
191965Feb3Thunderballing1, 3Russ Heath & Frank Frazetta
201965May5The Topless Suit Case1-3Jack Davis & Frank Frazetta
211965Jul5The Surfers1, 3Jack Davis & Frank Frazetta
221965Oct5Seven Days with Mae1-3Jack Davis & Larry Siegel
231965Dec4Annie Meets the Bleatles1, 3Russ Heath & Al Jaffee
241966Jan6Battbarton’s Holiday Spirit1, 3Jack Davis
251966Mar3On the Brooklyn B.M.T.1-3Russ Heath & Al Jaffee
261966May5Annie in TV Wasteland1, 3Jack Davis & Larry Siegel
271966Jul4Annie under the Sheets1-3Russ Heath
281966Sep5Euphoria-in-the-Pines Resort1-3Russ Heath & Larry Siegel
291966Oct4Hoopadedoo Show1-3Jack Davis
301966Dec4Greenback Busters2-3Jack Davis & Larry Siegel
311967Jan4High Camp2-3Russ Heath
321967May5Las Vegas Kidnapping2-3Jack Davis & Larry Siegel
331967Aug3Americans in Paris2-3Larry Siegel
341967Sep4The Ultimate Kick2-3Russ Heath & Larry Siegel
351967Dec5Booby Doll2-3Larry Siegel
361968Jan4The Master-Tester Institute2-3Jack Davis & Larry Siegel
371968Mar5Unionized Cruise Ship2-3Jack Davis & Larry Siegel
381968Jun5Annie at the Olympics2-3Jack Davis & Larry Siegel
391968Dec5The Real Howard Hews2-3Larry Siegel
401969Feb4Discothèques2-3Jack Davis & Larry Siegel
411969Apr4Annie the Actress2-3
421969Jul4See-Through Dress2-3Larry Siegel
431969Oct4Living Theatre2-3
461970May5Nude Therapy2, 4
471970Jul4Underground Press2, 4Robert Crumb & Gilbert Shelton
481970Sep4Women’s Lib2, 4
491970Oct3Unisex2, 4
501970Dec5Aphrodisiacs2, 4
511971Jan5Hippie Commune2, 4
521971Apr4This Exploits Women2, 4
531971Jun3Burglar Alarm2, 4
541971Sep4Health Spa2, 4
551971Dec4Body Language4
571972Sep4Violence in America4
581972Nov3Ralph Raider4
591973Jan4Bachelor Pad4
611973Aug2Bobby Fishey4
621973Nov3Henry Kissingbug4
641974Jun3Freak Rock4
651974Dec3Singles Apartments4
691976Jan3The Gay Scene4
711976Dec3Headstone, Part I4
721977Jan3Headstone, Part II4
731977Apr3Disco Music4
741977Aug3Sex Shop4
751977Dec3Muscle Builders, Part I4
761978Jan3Muscle Builders, Part II4
771978Mar3C.B. Radio4
801978Oct3Special Effects4
811979Jan3The Ski Lodge4
821979Apr3Topless Bar4
831979Aug3Frisbee Golf4
841979Nov3Pluto’s Retreat4
851979Dec3Studio Fifty-Fourplay4
861980Jan3Dallas Cowgals Cheerleaders4
881980Aug31980 Democratic National Convention4
891981Jan3Male Strippers4
901981Apr3Gilley’s Club4
921982Jan3Isolation Tanks4
941982Jun3Mud Wrestling4
951982Oct3Annie’s Twentieth Anniversary4
961982Dec3Love Boat4
971983Jan3Hot Tubbing4
991984Jan3Raiders of the Temple of Voom4
1001985Jan3Opera Diva4
1011985Sep3Cohan the Barbarian4
1021986May3Pro Wrestling4
1031987Jan3Massage School4
1051988Jan2Jimmy and Tammy4
1061988Sep2Woodsy Alvin4

Titles are from the third and fourth collections (and these titles are mostly from Kurtzman’s notes).

Thanks to Staffar Moberg and Rotten Ray for help with the list.

The New Series

Playboy restarted Little Annie Fanny in August 1998 with story and art by Ray Lago and Bill Schorr. The first story – The Unnatural Enquirer – isn’t all that bad but to try and do Annie without Kurtzman and Elder is just plain silly! (And the following stories turned out to be pretty bad.)

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